STAMI-COPE Professors receive DURIP Grant for Advanced Solar Cell Fabrication Equipment

STAMI Professors Seth Marder, Zhiqun Lin, Natalie Stingelin, and Carlos Silva have teamed to receive a Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP) grant for equipment to establish a unique deposition and characterization station. The proposed system will consist of two interconnected gloveboxes, which will house a spin-coater, a bar-coater, a thermal evaporator and a vacuum oven, which combined, will enable solution-deposition of metal halide films and necessary post-deposition procedures needed for device fabrication. A spectroscopic characterization platform will be connected to this system for acquisition of absorption and emission spectra during and after film fabrication. For detailed post-fabrication assessment of the films and devices produced, a microscope equipped with an electroluminescence apparatus to visualize the quality of the devices will be provided. A basic current/voltage measurement kit will, in addition, be included for rapid device screening. This kit will include an optical fibre allowing monochromatic and white-light irradiation, and a current/voltage meter. The capabilities will provide the STAMI team with a platform to obtain rapid feedback on thin-film formation and device inhomogeneities in a wide variety of metal-halide perovksite systems studied within current (and future) DoD projects at Georgia Tech. The STAMI team includes members of the COPE, GTPN, and CRĀSI and are members of the Schools of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Materials Sciences and Engineering.