Odyssey of the Mind

The monthly Odyssey of the Mind forum, inspired by the well-known K-12 activity of the same name, has three overarching goals:

1. Create an energetic, ambitious, and generous community that is comfortable enough with one another and themselves to explore the frontiers of science.
2. Stimulate visionary, big picture thinking and motivate CRĀSI members to look for and solve ‘hard’ problems.
3. Serve as a starting point for deeper technical discussion, team building, and center-type proposal generation.

Each forum is led by a CRĀSI member. The topic is unknown to the broader community until the start of the event. Teams of unlikely researchers (~5 people), each with orthogonal expertise, are pre-assigned. After a brief introduction of the topic and an associated ‘problem,’ teams breakout for a 30-minute discussion. Each team then presents its insights, difficulties, and potential solutions to the larger group. Outcomes are summarized and recorded for all forum attendees. Review forums are used on a semi-annual basis to select a past topic or emergent area for an in-depth workshop to further develop the science and team.