Workshop on Topological Protection in Messy Matter

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Registration Deadline extended to May 8th, 2018

**Funding available for Georgia Tech students/postdocs: Georgia Tech students and postdocs who would be prevented from registering by the fee should email to request support that will be granted while funding lasts.  We hope that you'll be able to join us.**

NOTE: "What topology reveals about real systems" a tutorial intended to introduce topology with a minimum of math and provide  a background as to how it applies to real systems such as those considered in the workshop, will be held at 10AM in Marcus Nano 1116-1118 on the Friday before the workshop. All are welcome at the tutorial.

The Workshop on Topological Protection in Messy Matter, sponsored by Georgia Tech's Community for Research on Active Surfaces and Interfaces (CRĀSI) will be held in rooms 1116-1118 of the Marcus Nanotechnology Building (map) on the Georgia Tech campus on May 14-15, 2018. The workshop will bring together distinguished researchers from diverse intellectual communities to present and moreover to develop new ways of exploiting topology in "messy" systems, including but not limited to disordered, fluid, amorphous, active, structured and quasicrystalline systems.

Participants are welcome, though not required, to submit abstracts for contributed talks or posters to accompany talks from our wonderful invitees.

Talks currently scheduled (the full final schedule is here (PDF))

Monday, May 14

  • William Irvine (Chicago), "Amorphous topological insulators"
  • Massimo Ruzzene (Georgia Tech), "Vibration Location in Quasi-Periodic Beams and Plates"
  • Emil Prodan (Yeshiva), "Topological Patterns"
  • Jean Bellissard (Georgia Tech), "Persistence of topological invariants under disorder"
  • Jayson Paulose (Oregon), "Topological patterning of polymers on a substrate"
  • Xiaoming Mao (Michigan), "Topological edge floppy modes in disordered fiber networks"
  • Suri Vaikuntanathan (Chicago), "Topological protected modes in non-equilibrium stochastic systems"
  • Suraj Shankar (Syracuse), "Flocks on a sphere sound topological!"

Tuesday, May 15

  • Anton Souslov (Chicago), "Active fluids as topological metamaterials: structure without periodic order"
  • Alberto Fernandez-Nieves (Georgia Tech), "Defect unbinding in active nematic tori"
  • Taylor Hughes (Illinois), Title to be announced
  • Mikael Rechtsman (Penn State), "Observation of optical Weyl points and other topics in topological photonics"

Organizers: Phillip First, Zhigang Jiang, Zeb Rocklin (, Massimo Ruzzene, Vincenzo Vitelli

 **Related workshop: Massimo Ruzzene is organizing "Meta-structures: Dynamics, Topology and Related Opportunities", an ARO workshop, May 16-18 in the Atlanta area, such that people can attend both events in full.**


Coordinator: Ms. Shaun Ashley (

Sponsored by CRASI @ GT, Bisanar @ GT, and NSF-MRSEC @ Chicago